About Us

Ayanna Wellness was founded in February 2016 with the intent to create an environment cozy, clean, harmonious and above all professional, able to offer an exclusive and refined service. Amidst soft lighting, ambient music, friendliness and respect for the environment person you can live a complete experience. Our philosophy is centered on the development of an energetic alchemy capable of reconciling soul, body and mind, and on living through an optimal and conscious perception of all our senses. . . through the art of harmonizing the energies of body, spirit and mind for an inborn of the person.

Our techniques: massage has taught us for many centuries how to become spiritually conscious, improving the relationship between mind and energy, between body and matter. The most people are instinctively attracted by the contact with other bodies but doesn’t have the information to consciously flow the right energies that each meeting could easily generate. Our professionalism is based on the choice of qualified and well-educated staff.

There is a shower cabin in the room so you can take a shower both before and after treatment. You will be provided with everything you need: towels, bath-shower, hairdryer, disposable, etc. .

It is a path that, if lived in the right way and with the right mentality, will lead to a physical and mental well-being important both at the personal level and for the couple in private life.