Lomi Lomi massage

In the past, lomi lomi was considered almost a sacred ritual, and it was both a healing technique and a rite that accompanied phases of passing through life. Although based mainly on the movements to be performed, with rhythm and sweetness, with hands and forearms, it could differ depending on who practiced it. The massage expressed respect and love for all living beings, and attuned to the creation and spirit of Aloha. Following the belief that no one could live happily in a tense body, the masseurs relieved their muscular tensions, also aiming to bring serenity to the soul, and accompanying each session with hawaiian songs and music.

The massage is performed by one or two people, who perform particular slow, deep and rhythmic movements with their hands and forearms. The movements are often accompanied by the use of special oils and essences, and the background of music and relaxing rhythms.

The four basic elements on which this technique is based are breathing, dancing, touch and music.

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