Tantra massage

How do you do the tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a real sensory experience. The tantric ritual is expressed through a succession of manual skills that stimulate a meditative state of inner peace. The person receiving the massage must release the mind and be present with the body and soul connected at the moment. In this way, you have the possibility to concentrate on your breath and – letting yourself be massaged – you come into contact with the other person and with your deepest self. The executor’s hand never detaches from the receiver. There is constant physical contact that only ends at the end of the massage. The movements are not pre-established but characterized by a continuous and harmonious flow of concentric gestures. The person who massages draws the body of the person who receives it with the palm and fingers. There may be variations in pressure, duration and rhythm. Everything is marked by the breath, the caresses and the contact between the two bodies. You can do it on your own bed using essential oil – such as coconut oil. The perfect environment is warm and welcoming. Scented candles and relaxing music will do the rest. Among the techniques of tantra massage one of the best known is certainly the kundalini massage.

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