The story of tantra

Tantric massage: how to gain perceptions of well-being

Tantric massage is a global experience that produces sensory pleasure by improving self-perception through stimulation of the body’s energy points.

Tantric massage is an art with millenary origins, which smells of history and mystery. Through light and circular touches, it aims to soothe and dissolve the emotional blocks accumulated due to stress or anxiety, giving a higher quality of psychological and physical state.

The final goal of the practice of tantric massage is to achieve a more complete and fulfilling perception of oneself, with all the positive implications that follow. It represents a real path of growth conducted in order to achieve a sensorial experience of listening to the body and meditation. All this to obtain a better picture of general well-being, something that you never regret, especially in an era like ours where stress is a typical component of everyday life, linked to a variety of factors related to its very essence.

How to do the tantric massage

The ritual of tantric massage takes place in three phases. In the first phase, immersed in an atmosphere of Indian music, perfumes and soft lights, we dedicate ourselves to an energetic harmonization through meditation: breathing exercises and mantra songs follow one another.

In the second phase, a face and body massage is carried out. The touches are gentle, wide and slow and are conducted along the chakras and nadis, in the channels where life energy passes. The result is a feeling of pleasure and widespread well-being.

The last phase is dedicated to relaxation. While sipping an herbal tea, you can verbally share your experience with the operator. The final effect of tantric massage is usually the perception of a sense of liberation, balance and peace. Just what you need.