Kalari massage

Born as a martial art of the kalari wrestlers, the Indian massage can be performed with both feet and hands, although tradition has it that it is the extremities of the lower limbs that infuse the energy needed to refocus the body. The kalari massage is performed with a rope that descends from above and allows the operator to modulate the pressure on the body of the recipient of the treatment. This rope, hung from the ceiling, in fact, is useful to release the force gradually, gripping the arms when the weight to be impressed must be less, or unbalancing the center of gravity towards the feet, when it is necessary to give more friction to the treatment. The kalari massage combines elements of yoga, Indian dance steps and ayurvedic medicine techniques, with the aim of giving those undergoing treatment a state of intense relaxation.


Kalari topKalari top + doccia assistita
45 min
150 euro
60 min
180 euro
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